Buying a new home is often the most significant and exciting purchase someone will ever make. It is very easy for a home buyer to become distracted and get caught up in the moment; the open-plan living area may be spectacularly inviting; the kitchen may be breath-taking in its scope and functionality; the bathroom may be seductive in its aesthetic charm. Generally a purchaser will emotionally connect with a potential new home, focusing primarily on the cosmetic appeal and overall “feel” of the home without considering the practical aspects of its structural integrity and general safety. This is totally understandable considering that most people are not builders or construction experts.

What is required at this point is a competent building inspector to examine the home and to provide valuable feedback regarding the building’s condition and soundness.

A professional building inspector possesses a broad frame of reference in regards to building systems and construction techniques. They know how to accurately assess the condition of a property and have an eye for detecting unobvious defects. A building inspector will have specialised equipment to assess the building’s condition; from moisture meters that measure dampness in walls and voltage testers that gauge the polarity of power points, to thermal imaging cameras that assess the heat registers imposed on various building elements. Expert building inspectors have a thorough knowledge of the various Australian Standards and relevant building codes that relate to safety and compliant workmanship, and will implement a systematic approach when inspecting a home so that every possible element is adequately checked.

By engaging a professional building inspector prior to the expiration of the 48-hour contractual cooling period, you can be free to enjoy the experience of property acquisition whilst being safe in the knowledge that the building inspector will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision on the biggest investment that you will likely ever make.

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