Staged Building Inspections Adelaide

Help ensure your new Adelaide home or investment property is being constructed in a compliant, professional, and pleasing manner with an objective expert opinion.

Organise SBI Staged Progress Inspections to keep your builder on their toes!

SBI Staged Progress Inspection Pricing Structure*

Stage 1.1 (site prep / footings pre-concrete pour): from $550 Inc. GST

Stage 1.2 (footings post-concrete pour): from $385 Inc. GST

Stage 2 (wall / roof framing): from $990 Inc. GST

Stage 3.1 (roof covering / external walls / frame re-assessment): from $660 Inc. GST

Stage 3.2 (Insulation): from $330 Inc. GST

Stage 4 (wet area waterproofing / internal linings): from $595 Inc. GST

Stage 5 (joinery / 2nd fix carpentry): from $440 Inc. GST

Stage 6 (pre-handover): from $880 Inc. GST

On a budget? No problems – SBI doesn’t lock you into a contract and there is no obligation for all progress inspections to be conducted (though it is highly recommended). We can tailor an inspection strategy to suit your budget.

*Pricing listed above is based on a standard single-storey home not exceeding 175m2 in floor area. Prices may need to be adjusted based on build size, complexity, and location which is ascertained upon receipt of plans.

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When building a home or investment property through a licensed builder, you are generally at the mercy of the building supervisor in regards to build quality and compliance. It is the role of the building supervisor to ensure that your home or investment property is being constructed accurately as per your plans and specifications, as well as to monitor the standard of work being conducted by the labourers. The building supervisor must make certain that the correct materials are being used and building compliance is being achieved throughout the construction process as per the relevant codes and Australian standards.

The construction process is a complicated one with many moving parts and there are many opportunities for mistakes to occur undetected. By utilising SBI staged progress inspections at critical stages of the building process, you are not only gaining an objective expert opinion that will increase your chance of achieving quality, but you are also keeping the builder in check by helping ensure that the home / investment property is being built accurately and compliantly according to the plans, specifications, engineering, council requirements, and the relevant building codes and Australian standards.

Our expert inspector will conduct thorough staged progress inspections of your property to help ensure that quality is being achieved and to make certain that the dwelling is being constructed in accordance with the NCC / BCA and the relevant Australian Standards / manufacturers specifications. SBI will provide you same-day via e-mail a comprehensive report replete with coloured images capturing all of the observed major and minor defects. Our expert inspector will also contact you by phone following the completion of the inspection to discuss the findings and provide you with specific advice, or if you would prefer, will meet you onsite for a face-to-face chat post-inspection.

SBI Staged Progress Building Inspections should take place at the following construction stages:

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