Rental Inspections Adelaide

Protect your Adelaide rental investments with SBI Rental Inspections! 

SBI Rental Inspection Pricing Structure:

Detached / semi-detached single-storey unit: $330

Standard 2-3 bedroom single-storey home / townhouse: $440

4+ bedroom double-storey home / townhouse: $550

Note: Rental inspections should take place prior to rental property acquisition and/or new tenants moving in and should be conducted annually with tenanted property’s.

(Prices are GST inclusive)

Our rental inspections cover the following:

Growing your property portfolio through rental agreements and accumulative property acquisition can certainly be a financially rewarding endeavour and a responsible pathway for developing fiscal security and pecuniary independence. Ensure that you nullify some of the inherent risks posed by property asset accumulation by engaging Summerton Building & Inspection to manage their safeguarding by conducting periodic / annual rental inspections, thus providing you with an effective monitoring system to keep track of their condition, maintenance requirements, and their treatment by your tenants.

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