Do you have a problem with your property or are you concerned for any reason?

If you believe that you have discovered a problem with your property – be it cracking, the presence of moisture, a sagging roof or ceiling line, or you are unhappy with a recently engaged contractor’s workmanship in regards to general building work, renovations or additions – engage Summerton Building & Inspection to conduct an SBI technical inspection where we will identify the cause and extent of the problem/s and formulate a technical report designed to clarify the issues which will capture and explain the defects as well as specify appropriate remedial actions that can be taken.

SBI also provide Dilapidation Reports for parties that are concerned that their building may be damaged and/or compromised in the near future due to pending construction work in close proximity of their property. We can fully assess the condition of your property and formulate a report, providing a snapshot which could be utilised in the future should your building sustain any form of harm or deterioration.

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