Eliminate potential delays to the sale of your Adelaide property and enact a plan to help avoid reduced dollar-value offers with an SBI Pre-Sale Vendor Inspection!

SBI Pre-Sale Vendor Inspection Pricing Structure:

Detached / semi-detached single-storey unit: $330

Standard 2-4 bedroom single-storey home / townhouse: $440

4+ bedroom double-storey home / townhouse: $550

(Prices are GST inclusive)

It is always advantageous to arrange a pre-sale vendor building inspection prior to placing your family home or investment property on the market in order to be made aware of any underlying repair or maintenance requirements that could potentially jeopardise the sale. A Summerton pre-sale vendor inspection can empower you with the information you need to rectify any outstanding issues prior to going to market and will assist in maximising your chances of experiencing a swift and trouble-free sale of your property. Should your property be placed on the market without first having a pre-sale inspection, a potential buyer may discover existing defects through their own pre-purchase inspection and possibly be prompted to reduce the dollar value of their offer to compensate for the required work, or alternatively may be impelled to delay the acquisition of your property in order for further building inspections to be conducted. In some circumstances the potential buyer may even be dissuaded from purchasing your property all together.

By organising a Summerton pre-sale vendor building inspection, you will be taking the requisite step in minimising the likelihood of such an objectionable development from occurring.

Our expert inspector will conduct a thorough building inspection of your property in accordance with AS4349.0 and will provide you same-day with a comprehensive written report replete with coloured images via e-mail. Our expert inspector will also contact you by phone following the completion of the inspection to discuss the findings and provide you with specific advice, or if you would prefer, will meet you onsite for a face-to-face chat post-inspection.