Assess the quality and condition of your prospective Adelaide home or investment property before the expiration of your contractual cooling-off period or prior to bidding at auction with an SBI Pre-Purchase Building Inspection!


SBI Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Pricing Structure:

Detached / semi-detached single-storey units from $440 Inc. GST

Single-storey homes from $595 Inc. GST

Double-storey homes / townhouses from $880 Inc. GST

Commercial Buildings from $990 Inc. GST

*Note: Service fees are based on property size, complexity, or 0.1% of projected property value (whichever is greater)*

(Please contact us now for an accurate quotation!)


We report and you decide!

Our comprehensive pre purchase building inspections cover the following:

Purchasing your family home is often the largest investment you will make, so it is critical that you do everything in your power to ensure that the investment is a wise one. An SBI Pre-Purchase Building Inspection will inform you of the condition of your prospective home, will make you aware of any potential safety hazards that may exist, and will grant you an insight into potential repair and maintenance requirements prior to making a financial commitment to the property. This amplified knowledge can result in your avoiding potentially escalating repair costs if a problem is found during its early stages, and in turn, may also bestow you with increased bargaining power when negotiating purchase price with the real estate agent.

Our expert inspector will conduct a thorough Pre-Purchase building inspection of your prospective property and other associated building elements and structures within the site boundaries (including fences) in accordance with “AS4349.1 – 2007 Inspection of buildings – pre purchase inspections”, and will provide you same-day via email a comprehensive written report capturing all of the major and minor defects replete with coloured images (including thermal heat-register images where applicable). Our expert inspector will also contact you by phone following the completion of the inspection to discuss the findings and provide you with specific advice, or if you would prefer, will meet you onsite for a face-to-face chat post-inspection.

Contact SBI now to organise your pre-purchase building inspection by submitting an online booking. Once we receive your booking, we will then contact the agent on your behalf to schedule the inspection and will let you know once all has been confirmed.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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