Handover Building Inspections Adelaide

Seek an objective expert opinion on compliance and workmanship prior to accepting handover with an SBI Handover Inspection!

SBI Handover Inspection Pricing Structure:

Detached / semi-detached single-storey unit: from $550 Inc. GST

Standard single-storey home: from $695 Inc. GST

Standard double-storey home / townhouse: from $880 Inc. GST

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*Prices may need to be adjusted based on build size, complexity, and location which is ascertained upon receipt of plans.

When building a home or investment property through a licensed builder, you are generally at the mercy of the building supervisor in regards to build quality and compliance. It is the role of the building supervisor to ensure that your home or investment property is being constructed accurately as per your plans and specifications, as well as to monitor the standard of work being conducted by the labourers. The building supervisor must make certain that the correct materials are being used and building compliance is being achieved throughout the construction process as per the relevant codes and Australian standards.

By utilising an SBI pre-handover inspection, you will gain the peace of mind that an objective expert analysis offers.

Our expert inspector will conduct a thorough building inspection of your practically-completed property in accordance with AS4349.0 and will provide you same-day with a comprehensive written report replete with coloured images via e-mail. The SBI inspector will also contact you by phone following the completion of the inspection to discuss the findings and provide you with specific advice, or if you would prefer, will meet you onsite for a face-to-face chat post-inspection.

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