Timber pests are a significant problem in the Adelaide region.

Ensure that they are not part of the deal when purchasing your new home or investment property!


Pest Inspections from $220 Inc. GST

There are more than 350 termite species in Australia, yet less than 3% of these species actually pose a danger, as most species (arboreal / drywood termites etc.) prefer to eat dead vegetation and rotting wood inside trees and logs. The nasty 3% are known as subterranean termites and consist of several species of Coptotermes, Shedorhinotermes, and Mastotermes. These blighters are a significant concern to Adelaide home owners due to their insatiable proclivity for eating structural timber elements within homes. There are few regions of Australia that are free from the dangers that these particular species of white ant pests pose to building structures (Tasmania and a narrow strip along the Great Ocean Road being primary), and unfortunately Adelaide is no exception; it being considered a moderate-to-high risk region for white ant termite attack on homes. Considering that many homes in Adelaide contain termite-vulnerable timber components (floor, wall, and roof frames / decks, handrails etc.), it is critical to ensure that these deleterious pests are discovered before they are able to undermine the structural integrity of these important timber elements.

Pest inspections are a non-intrusive examination of the building and other associated building elements and structures within the site boundaries (including fences) in accordance with AS4349.3 for the presence of white ants and other deleterious pests. Considering that significant structural issues can be caused by timber pest infestation, these inspections can be extremely beneficial prior to purchasing a new home or investment property.

Summerton Building & Inspection work in close conjunction with a number of highly experienced pest inspection companies in order to provide you with a comprehensive building and pest inspection service. Due to our close relationship with these pest inspection companies, we have secured very competitive rates that we pass entirely on to you; our valued clients. Should you wish to organise a pest inspection, we can book the pest inspector on your behalf. The SBI inspector will conduct the building inspection at the same time as the pest inspector, and you will receive two separate and independent inspection reports.

In the event that unwanted house guests are detected within or around the home during the inspection, the pest inspector can provide you with a number of options in order to permanently evict the varmints, and in the event that structural damage has occurred, SBI can provide you with suggestions for post-pest eradication repair solutions.

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