What do you inspect?

All pre-purchase building inspections are conducted as per Australian Standard AS4349.1 – 2007 Inspection of buildings – pre purchase inspections, and primarily focus on safety issues, major and minor defects, as well as urgent maintenance items. All other types of building inspections are conducted as per Australian Standard AS4349.0 – 2007 inspections of buildings – General requirements (more specific detail is provided within the inspection/s pages).

Are there limitations to the inspection?

Yes, the inspections are of a visual, non-intrusive nature. We will not drill holes or move furniture, and may be restricted in our access to roof spaces due to fouled entry, low clearance, AC ducting etc.

How much notice do you require?

24 hours of notice is generally adequate to book an inspection. That being said, we understand the often stressful nature of real estate acquisition and will always endeavour to help you no matter what notice you give.

How much does it cost?

Inspection prices vary depending on the type of inspection and the size of the property. Pre-purchase inspections range in price from $330 for a 2 bedroom unit, $440 for a standard 2-4 bedroom single storey home / townhouse, through to $550 for a larger 4+ bedroom double storey home / townhouse. Please refer to the specific inspection pages for accurate pricing structures, or alternatively, contact us via phone or use the “Contact” or “Book Now” buttons on the banner at the top of the screen for a no-obligation quote.

Do I have to attend the inspection?

No, we can conduct the inspection and contact you following its completion via phone. We do encourage you to attend the inspection towards the end if you are able though, which then enables us to discuss the findings face to face.

Do you inspect for termites?

Yes we do look for signs of termite activity and assess whether a property has an existing termite management / barrier system, but while we are experienced building inspectors, we are not accredited timber pest inspectors or licensed pest exterminators. We do not conduct timber pest inspections as per AS4349.3 or termite management as per AS3660 series of Australian Standards. Should we discover potential timber pest activity, we will refer you to a fully qualified timber pest management company.

How is the inspection organised?

Please contact us once you find a property of definite interest or if your offer has been accepted and you are about to sign / have just signed the contract. We can then liaise with your agent on your behalf in order to organise a suitable inspection time prior to the expiration of your cooling period that is pleasing to all parties.

How soon do we receive the report?

Reports are generally sent same-day to you in PDF format via e-mail following receipt of payment.

How do I pay?

We prefer to be paid via electronic funds transfer (EFT) but also accept cash, money order, or cheque.

When do we pay?

It is general industry policy that payment be rendered on the day of inspection. The report will be provided to you upon receiving evidence of payment.

Which areas do you service?

We service all areas within a 100km radius of the Adelaide CBD. Areas outside this zone will attract a travelling cost over and above the standard fee structure.